Bros Delivery is a family business founded by two brothers, Juan and Yeison Barrera 15 years ago, now is owned by a partnership of 4 members. Back then they saw how people that couldn’t or didn’t want to go out their places, were very limited just to buy in a few business that offer delivery service. The two brothers also saw an opportunity for local businesses to increase their income with a delivery company help. As a local company , our clientele can be sure that there will be not answering machines trying to solve an inconvenience. Our service is face to face, our CEO is always in the area, making that extra effort to both businesses grow, so that the customer can be completely satisfied and can give us a good referral for new customers.

We are the biggest delivery company of this kind in South Beach, Florida.  We serve more than a 100 businesses every day, and another 80 as a back up service or occasionally service.  We offer you a team of over 50 delivery men and women that can take your product from your business location to a client anywhere in the area in a short period.  Your client will be satisfied with our fast, professional and confidential service.

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