Frequently Asked Questions

How do your service works ?
Next time you feel hungry or just want something to grab, from a full diner to a small salad, if you feel sick and need your medicine to be pick up, if you need to send flowers to your wife or girlfriend, if you run out of liquor at home and don’t want to drive , or any other special delivery you nedd. Just visit our site and pick up from over a hundred places to order. Call them and we run for you, making sure your product is at your home office or business in a very short time

How much do you charge for your service ?
We charge according to the distance, stops we make to pick up different orders and quantity. See our chart

How long does a delivery take ?
usually our drivers take from 25 to 35 minutes after you make your order, but there ar circumstances that can accelerate or delay your order. If the the place where you ordered from is not to busy, if traffic is slow, rain , real bad weather can even make us close for the day or untill weather calms down.

Do you deliver any place or business ?
Our range is mostly in south miami, we are a local company, that’s why you can rely on us. See places we deliver to on front page.

food you bring us napkins and cutlery to eat?
We are the delivery company, we take to you what you ordered, we do not open your packages unless you ask us to, or a police request. We make sure that you receive what was sent. An error made by any client will be charge with an additional fee.

Can we tip our delivery person?
Our drivers are reviewed in a criminal background and work with their own vehicles, tips are their main income. Remember that our drivers are at your service.

When I opened my order I saw it was the wrong order. What do I do ?
Call immediately to the place that you ordered from and let them kwow. Then they will call us to deliver the corret order

Can my business be on your page ?
Remember we are a local company, if you want to increase your profits and have an additional service at no cost, give us a call to schedule a visit to your business and show you how BROS DELIVERY SERVICES can help you earn more money.

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